Monday, March 08, 2010

Visiting Brighton

Trying to visit more of the towns away from London, Brighton was one of the places recommended to me. It's just slightly more than an hour away from London via London Bridge railway.

As luck would have it I happened upon yet another demonstration. I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

There is a fair amount of street art in the city. I happened to meet some graffiti artists as they worked on a new piece, it's quite interesting that the city is alright with them working on their art on certain areas. The reason behind is quite straight forward: people love the bright and funky artwork, plus they are not doing any real damage to buildings - the work was being done on a giant plywood fence. The mural sized piece the gent was working on takes almost a day to complete, lasts maybe a few weeks, and costs about perhaps 50 quid or so in spray paints.

One thing I enjoy about the UK is the amount of Museums about. Not that I am a history buff, but the items contained in the Brighton museum was very different from the other places I've visited. Also, each town's museum seems to have a history of the town, which makes for a very interesting read. Above is a street performer just besides the museum. The next few images would be just some scenes along the beach, as well as some shots from the top of the Brighton Pier.


Till next time...


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