Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The town of Waldhäuser

Frozen lake behind the hotel

Alright, so maybe I'm wrong and it's not a town but that was the best I could come up with through my horrible google skillz. The hotel that I was put up at was the Hote-Pension (see: http://www.salzsaeumer.com ). I was frankly quite surprised to see how good the hotel was given the price we paid for the trip (airfare, hotel, transport, pro-photog guide). Not only that, I found the food really good, and well worth the money paid.

 My usual love of door photography.

As it was a saturday, most of the shops were closed by the time we came back from the wildlife park.

Leaf shapes in frozen pool

The location, Waldhäuser, is seemingly located inside the Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, and takes just about 5 minutes to drive from the hotel. I could probably hoof it in half an hour or less.

Signposts at the entrance to the town

I find doors.... fascinating.

Some bread shoppe, I assume. Closed, sadly. I was out looking for local food.

Some candy machine besides the bread shoppe.

A hubcap? 

A playground, I suppose.

Not sure what this is. A little big to be a bird feeder.

Totem Pole?

More bread shoppe goodness :3

Color contrast baby!

The church. Didn't think of it at the time, but I should have entered. Darn!

The following is a few more pics from inside the park.

Loads of space on the viewing platform. 

The wolf pens are huge. Seriously huge.

Fair amount of Nikon shooters this time round. Almost half were Nikon.

The bokeh of the 300/4 isn't too bad in this case.


I leave thee with a bear...

This is also my first wildlife photos processed using my new toys, and I am also experimenting with a new, less contrasty look to my photos.

Camera System: Nikon
Operating System: Ubuntu 9.04
Colorimeter: i1 Display 2
IPS Screen - Dell 2209WA
Color management software: Argyll CMS
Raw Processor: Bibble Pro 4.10
Printing Software: DDIS Qimage Pro
Printer: Epson R285 

Running out of ink, so once payday comes about, I'll be printing one or two of my favourites :)

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