Thursday, November 12, 2015

DIY Canard Airframe 08

Woo! The wings are all done, and I've completed my glide testing too! The Canard CG Calculator I'm using is rather spot on, at least for the glide testing. I added a few more grams of weight up front though and the glide improved a fair bit.

Right now, with the weight it's up to about 380g, frankly quite surprised it's able to glide as far as it did (15 meters? 20? ).

Actually, when I first did the test, I was just throwing it, and it just kind of tilted to one side and nosed into the ground. Only when I ran a few steps before throwing, did it do a nice glide.

Next I'm going to have to see what the current CG is, the begin installing the electronics. From what I gather, the battery will definitely be moving up close to the nose. Hopefully I can get the cg right purely from moving the battery.

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