Monday, November 02, 2015

DIY Canard Airframe 05

Woooot got the airframe laser cut properly this time round! This time I figured out the settings to get the pdf to import and be properly converted to vector line art. Things went smoothly after that, took just slightly over an hour to get all the pieces cut. Total time on the laser was 13.5 minutes, and I was charged just over 23cad for it (1.50 cad/min, rounded up to nearest minute).

The photo above is the properly sized laser cut out, versus the 88.8% scaled version. It's actually a rather big difference in real life, I'm now wondering if it's really able to fly! Weight of the chassis alone is 185g, and that's without the square dowels to provide extra torsional support.

To make sure that things stay square, I've cut out some square temporary supports that fit inside the fuselage while it dries. So far, things _appear_ to be going well, apart from the weight. I've also cut out the main wing from the DTF, but I'm going to take this build slow, as Vancouver's suddenly entered the rainy season. Rain started around 10am, and it was still coming down lightly when I got home in the evening. Even if I finished this build early, I will still need to get a calm-ish day to maiden her.

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