Thursday, November 05, 2015

DIY Canard Airframe 06

The 3 different sections of the fuselage are now ready to be connected.

From what I see, this design is really really weak. The section housing the motor is actually not bad, takes torsional forces well as there is not only the motor plate holding it up, but another piece connecting the parallel sides to give it rigidity.

Not so with the front two pieces. Individually, I think they will stand up to the rigors of compression and tension in flight. However, torsionally, there is nothing to resist such forces. There will be a layer of wood used to connect the sections, but again these are not that strong against torsional forces.

What I do have, are rectangular pieces that fit in during the gluing process to make sure everything is square. I intend to drill out the center of these pieces to allow wires and connectors to go through, then glue them into place inside the frame to provide some torsional resistance.

This has been a good learning experience so far. Will defo have to keep this in mind for future designs! The fuselage in the photo above is also resting on the left/right sections of the main wing.

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