Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weather Striping

The temperature has suddenly dropped this week, and I discovered that _something_ was up with my apartment. There were leaks!!!! The corner of the room was massively cold, it seems one of the corners had a massive leak. With temps going below 0 and night, it was not a fun feeling to wake up to!

In addition, I have a sliding door in the living room, good lord that area is unbelievably cold in the morning. I'd already applied some weather striping to the edges last weekend, and helped alot, but something else needed to be done.

For the room, I got some Caulking Cord. If it wasn't for the greyish colour, it felt good enough to chew on. But yeah, using that to fill in the gaps where I could feel the cold coming in is helping immensely. I've usually got the thermostat at 22 degrees, and with that on, it would indicate the coils are still running.

As I sit and write, I've dropped it to 20 degrees, and it actually feels I could go a leeetle bit cooler. Plus, the thermostat indicates it's shut off the heating coils too. Win! Warm + energy efficiency!

As mentioned, I'd already applied some weather striping to seal in the gaps in the sliding doors last weekend, which helped, but there were still leaks... _somewhere_

I got a "Draft Detector", basically some sort of slow burning cord that generates a fine plume of smoke. The detector showed me a rather curious pattern. Air from inside the apartment was being sucked outside through a gap at the top of the door, and cold air was coming in from the base of the door.

Interesting! I got pieces of insulation foam to seal those gaps, hopefully it will be enough, if not I'm going to get some more caulking cord and seal up every single gap there.

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