Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Guys Burger / Montreal

Burgers are one of my favourite food in London, and I've been trying to hunt down a burger in Montreal that can rival Byrons or Honest Burger in London. So far, no luck. But 5 Guy Burger comes close.

First let's talk fries. I tend to consume a big bunch of fries before digging into the burger, and 5 Guys does not disappoint. These are great fries, but still a ways to go before taking on the Rosemary Fries at Honest Burger. Those Rosemary fries are, to me, the standard of Burger Fries.

I'd say 5 Guys would be my number 2 for fries, with Byron's skin-on fries at number 3.

Burger wise, it is probably the best burger I've had in Montreal. I've tried a few burger places on The Plateau, but really, they still have a ways to go. Meat is fresh and juicy, and the bacon crispy with perfection. The buns are actually pretty damned good, and fresh veggies top it off.

Now food, like cameras, are a very personal thing. You like chilli? Not me....

That said. I still think, the overall burger winner still has to be Honest Burger, in terms of price, service, and drinks.

In terms of patties. There is one burger place that is still at the top of my list. Dirty Burger. Dirty burger has the most amazing patty I've ever had in a burger. It almost melts on your tongue. Sadly, I'm not a big fan of their fries or milkshakes (fries are decent, but pales in comparison to Honest. Milkshakes? The one I had was too watered down.). Their location is also rather out of the way, and seating is usually very tight.

Now in terms of milkshakes :P Byron takes the lead by a big big margin. If you want a great milkshake. Go to Byrons. Byrons do great burgers as well, and some of my friends prefer Byrons to Honest, but it's really a personal choice. Byrons wins out for me in terms of space for large groups of people, excellent service, and oh my goodness, the dessert menu. The aformentioned milkshakes, brownies, banana split and more. Byrons does run on the pricey side though, compared to say Honest where one can get a burger fries and drink for (IIRC) £12.

So, there is no number one burger for me, just the best burger for the occasion ;-)

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