Sunday, October 06, 2013

Plants VS Zombies 2. Breaking the flow.

One of the games I purchased on my Kindle Fire was Plants vs Zombies. A thoroughly enjoyable game, I'd replayed it twice, well worth its asking price. It pushes all the right buttons, with the gameplay just right, always making me go "one more stage before bed...."

Bringing on version 2 of the game (I am playing it on iOS), it sports super polished graphics and the fun gameplay from the first game. However, if you decide not to pay for tokens and other items in-game, it gets quite boring.....

In the first game, the stages came one after the another, introducing new enemies, layouts etc to spice things up. In the new game, it's exactly the same, until I got to the end of the Egyptian time period, and to move on, required 15 Stars to open the gate to the next time period. A screen pops up, informing you of how you can purchase those stars.

Thankfully, the game does not hamstring you into stopping here, it allows you to collect stars by re-playing stages, each with some challenges for you to overcome. Win these, and you get a star!

After collecting the 15 stars (which was quite boring, and breaking the flow of the game....), I finally got to the pirate stage. Which I must say, is good fun, with lots of new mechanics. I think I got through the main stages over two evenings, and once again, the gate to the new time period. This time...... 30 stars. BORING!

I am thinking this pay-to-play model works very well for PopCap, since they are using it. Unfortunately, I do not fall into the category of people who care for micro-transactions. I wish there was an option to purchase the full game outright, and not have to deal with this.

I'm still very curious to see what happens after the pirate stages, so I'll just chew through this maybe one or two stars a night.

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