Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Unity + Kindle Fire HD

Quick test, took about two hours from purchase to get all the downloads and sdks installed to what you see on the vid. The main issue I encountered was the rigid bodies going to sleep - didn't know about them and took awhile to find out info about that. Else everything else was pretty straightforward; copied the sdk to my home dir, set up paths, and just one hot key to install the game on the kindle.

A few other thoughts on the kindle fire - it's really nice to be able to read a book and listen to mp3s at the same time. The regular kindle can do it via the experimental modes, but it's nowhere as slick. Another aspect about book reading is page turning. The kindle has two big physical buttons on either side of the screen that allows me to page forward and backwards. Very convenient, especially if held one handed. The kindle fire has the left and right "sides" of the virtual page set up for backwards and forward page turning respectively. So if I accidentally turned more pages than I wanted, I'd to touch the left side of the screen.

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