Thursday, March 08, 2012

Unity3D - IOS/Android packages available free till 8th April

Totally awesome, and I've signed up for this. Last I checked, the IOS/Android packages were like USD$400. Apiece. Having this is just simply awesome. Further checking of the specs indicate that I actually don't need to have an Ipad or Android Tablet to do dev work on, just a mac. So... looks like my music laptop will be doing double duty :3

Now, it has long been my dream* to create an epic adventure of dragons and druids, warlocks and warriors fighting for the supreme rulership of the USS enterprise. Pick either the aircraft carrier or the NCC1701D/E.

*No, not really.

I've tried stuff like PyGame, works very well, just that I'm not a game developer, and my interests don't really lie there. What I'm keen to try is actually getting houdini stuff into Unity, like houdini's particles and RBDs.

Will be a rainy day project though, as a certain wolf has got his hands on air pressure sensors and embarking on yet another tangent ;-)


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