Sunday, March 11, 2012

Need a modeling package for Unity?

As mentioned in an earlier post, Unity3D released their IOS/Android modules for free this month, so after picking them up and playing with Unity, thought I'd get a modeling package to go along with it. As googling would have it, Daz3D is having an unbelievable offer, Bryce 3D, Daz 4 Pro (supposedly a Poser type package) and Hexagon 2.5 (Woo!) for free.... unbelievable.

Only installed Hexagon 2.5 since I really want a modeling package, and out of the box, the interface was very intuitive. To be fair, all I required were tools to extrude faces, move points and do subdivisions. Not explored to UV toolset yet, but for free software I can't complain.

In other news, I spent to entire afternoon (and morning) going through the official unity tutorials. The main coding language seems to be a choice of Javascript, C# or Boo (uh.....)

Wee! Whilst I can understand what the code is doing, the syntax side of things leaves me pondering if I really want to pick up (or re-pick up) another programming language.

Oh well, time for more tea and some music.

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