Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Very sick of people generalizing stuff. Seriously. Things do not "SUCK" because you have zero use for it.

Also, it does not make sense to put down things because they are not good.... BASED ON A REVIEW OR BLOG POST of some frakkin' website!!!!

I always roll my eyes in cases like these, especially if it's with things I've used for years! e.g.

NIKON SUCKS (Yeah totally. Check out that shitty non stablized 300/4 AF-S. That I happen to own. Yeah, utterly sucky. So sucky, it is more sucky than chewing gum in hair).

MAC SUCKS (Yeah, totally. Utter trash.)

HOUDINI SUCKS (Oh yeah, utter suck. Raydream Studio is much better.)

LINUX SUCKS (Uh yeah. It sucks, totally. So much I use it at home. Yeah, linux sucks sooo bad.)


Am I being a hypocrite? At times, I am very much a bloody hypocrite. But you know what? That's because I suck. I make mistakes, I learn from them. And I try to be better, and try my best to find out more about stuff and try not to put things down. Heck, do you know why I bought my first macbook? Because I was convinced that macs.... suck!

And you know what, after years of using them, I discovered a world of applications that simply do not exist on linux, or that their open source equivalents are just not up to it. Do you seriously think there would be an open source package that can rival Houdini? Naiad? Nuke? Get real!

And you know what. By championing only open source software and refusing to look into commercial products, one limits oneself to the availability of good things. Or even simply, things that simply do not exist in the open source side of things.

Even in terms of DOING things. I don't believe there are fixed ways of doing things, like to do X you must do Y. No. Is there a single way to draw a portrait? Is there a best way to paint? Are acrylics better than oils? If there was, EVERY SINGLE ARTIST will be using it. There is not. There is a best way, for you. For me.

Like Glen Vilppu says, "There are no rules, only tools."

Me, I try stuff. I know how I approach drawing and music is far different from people I speak with. Because I don't limit myself to "oh, this guy's way is the best". THERE IS NO BEST. Only the best tool/technique for that particular job.

I like to explore multiple ideas, different ways to create a hybrid that works best for me.

In addition, I do not have a need to become "An Artist" or "A Musician" because I DON'T WANT TO! Why are you obsessing about me! Me! I'm don't even know you in person! Don't ask me to me something I do not want to be.

I learn these things and more, because I am curious. I like learning. I am also single and have too much free time, and there is massive lack of wolves in my studio apartment. Hence, with no wolves to hug, what can one do? I learn, create and iterate. Is that not enough?

I don't want to draw the next Van Gough or whatever amazing art piece it is. It is a personal journey, a journey of exploration, learning and more. My "art" sucks. I know it very well. But it is not about the art. It is about breaking limits. I don't want to become "amazing artist X".

Art is about conquering my fear of drawing. It is the sweet, sweet feeling when I improve, and I know in my heart that if I can conquer this drawing thing, which I have feared for years, then I know that there is nothing that can stop me from learning and conquering new things if I so wish.

Plus, learning is awesome. That, is what I feel is the best use for my free time. You like gaming? Go for it. Enjoy flame wars? Flame on. I do not want to spend my time in such ways. I want to learn, create, and do stuff. Not argue over which paper type is best for water colors. My god. If my results suck? I learn from experience, try again.

Ok I think this rant has gone long enough, I am going to head out to the gym and do some nice long lengths down the pool.

And for the people that do not understand sarcasm, here's a wiki page. A healthy bit of sarcasm is mixed in up there.

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