Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zoom H1 - battery drain >.>

Exhibit 1 above is my Zoom H1 portable recorder. Issue: Major battery drain even when switched off.

This is a known issue with some H1 recorders, and actually, mine (got it in February) has been perfectly fine, till the last month or so when it started eating up batteries at an alarming rate (drains a new energizer battery in about 5 days).

Hopefully, I can get it repaired. At the same time, I'm also looking at a new recorder released by Tascam, the DR-05. Not only do reviews indicate it's much better built than the H1, it seems to have a better spl rating (125 vs 120), built in tuner and just looks cooler to me :) If Zoom's UK distributor does not get their act together, I'll probably pop this on the devil's junkyard and use what I can get from the H1 to contribute to the DR-05.

EDIT: Yay! They finally got back to me for an exhange. Sweet.

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