Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Macbook dropped!

Omg! I've turned into a mac fanboi.



Ok so I'm hoping to be producing backing tracks for my saxophone down the line, and linux is just not cutting it for me - mainly just setting it up takes *forever* to find the dependencies et al for music production. I got it working in the end, but seriously, spending 3 nights just to set it up, vs me walking into the apple store and laying down a piano track under 5 minutes (this is no joke) in garage band is a no brainer: I want a mac to work on my music. No windows machines please, thanks.

Linux will be for my main machine, houdini, raw processing etc, and I'll get a low end macbook of sorts to run my "music production".

Given that the white macbook has been around for awhile, I was hoping to see apple release a new model, sadly it seems the new macbook air has supplemented it.

The air only has a SSD for storage, and I'm just not sure if that's a good thing for audio. I'm probably going to go for a used mac off ebay, something enough to run garageband and logic, or perhaps maybe just bite the bullet and save up for a low spec macbook pro.

Will need a good think about. Not relishing the thought of running osx again though - I ran ubuntu on my last mbp ;-) Best linux experience ever. Seriously.

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