Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wore through my R-Strap!

Ok so I've been using the Blackrapid R-Strap for several years now, and I love it. I used to use it quite heavily during weekends - but not much after picking up the saxophone - and finally today after an afternoon of shooting, I wore through part of the connecting lugs so that the clip is bent out.

This is not a crit on Blackrapid's part - but just that I do take a heavy toll on my equipment (you need to see how badly worn out my 16-85VR is - rubber has fallen off, paint is mostly gone, hood cracked in at least 3 places....

Will definitely get the updated version as I think the r-strap system is simply the best camera strap for travel, wildlife or event photography. Yes, I use to average 20+, sometimes almost 40 hours worth of wildlife/travel photography in the weekends. I blame the lack of photography nowadays on the saxophone. :P

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Artax said...

Just bought an RS-5. :P

Mostly to use on holiday. Like the idea of having the shoulder pouches to put stuff in an travel as light as possible.