Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hallett Cove

Yesterday was a bit cold and very windy, which I thought was perfect weather to go capture some sound waves of the beach. Hallett Cove lies about 40-ish minutes away from the CBD via train. There are two stops, Hallett Cove, and Hallett Cove Beach that provide access to the cove. I got off at the beach stop, and made my way back to the other train station. I would suggest doing it the other way round, as there would be a board suggesting the walk routes to take.

The beach is not one for swimming; it's those kind of beaches covered in rather big smooth rocks. That said, I saw at least two surfers there, not sure how they navigate the rocks...

The photos don't do it justice, nothing beats experiencing this place on its own. On my way back, I noticed that the length of the train stations are _really_ long, easily 3 times the length of the train. I'm wondering why that is so? Is it because of older trains? Or maybe it is planning for the future when the area more densely populated, all they need is longer trains?
Incidentally, this post really should be titled Seaford - as I'd actually visited Seaford to check out whats there. There was a shopping centre... not really my thing :P Along with Moana Beach and the Moana Sands Conservation park.
 Didn't see any specific walkways, but there was a definite trail, so I kept to that.
 Eh, token shot.
 The conservation park. No wolves here, so I turned back.
Had lunch at Barnacle Bill, and it was quite good.

Have to go back to Hallett Cove another day!

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