Monday, November 17, 2014

Got a new toy...

Haven't updated in a while, been struggling to get a neural network example working, but to no avail (insert sad face). I've shelved it for the moment and am snuggling up to several new ebooks on my kindle, as well as a new toy I've bought, a graphical calculator. Ostensibly, it is to be used for following along the math classes on Khan Academy. We'll see how that holds up XD

I was wondering if I had totally forgotten about powers as squaring a negative number got me a negative. I was like.... (o.0)

Testing on the mac indicated that.. yes... -1 x -1 is 1... so what's up with that?! Evidently, it's how the calculator evaluates such statements, the proper way to do it is with the parentheses. Anyways... here's hoping as I go through all the basics, that I will one day understand calculus.

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