Sunday, October 26, 2014

Smashing up crates! Roar!

Not feeling like dealing with buying PSN cards, and with the crapola internet connection I got at home at the moment, I decided to pass on FFX for vita and got the Ratchet and Clank trilogy for my vita instead.

Damned, damned good fun, though some of the mini-games take forever to win. I'm constantly amused by the amount of crates left all over the levels.... desert? Crates. Futuristic city? Crates. On a spaceship? Crates. Inside the sewer... you guessed it. Crates.

The controls don't seem to be re-mappable, which is highly annoying when the strafe control is mapped to the rear touchpad.  Not that it matters, not like there's much to assign to; there are only one pair of L/R buttons on the vita.

Maybe FFX when I'm done here.... thankfully these games do not appear to take too long to complete - I'm at the last boss on the first game in about 11-12 hrs in? Bloody difficult boss, wish I had more in-game currency to buy the health bonuses.

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