Saturday, October 04, 2014

Long Weekend, FF8.

Long weekend! Woot! Slept in then went to the Central Markets for lunch and bought some food for the week. There's just so much there to try out, I am thinking of going there again tomorrow for breakfast.

Went out for a stroll in the evening along the river torrens, but decided I wanted to finish FF8! Been playing an hour or two daily and finally made my way to the last boss last night, but got insta-killed by Griever's final attack, Shockwave Pulsar. Blargh.

Tried again today and read some hints ^_^ and junctioned the characters properly and BOOM! Took it all the way to ultimecia, and she didn't even have time to cast apocalypse before she died. Must admit I was using the Auras that I had on Squall. Even though I don't have the Lionheart, just the Cutting Trigger gunblade, his limit breaks do massive damage. I'm guessing the ease of the win was simply proper junctioning, low levels (squall was lvl 41, Zell and Rinoa were just breaking 30) and abusing the limit breaks/aura spells.

The story is just sooo complex and confusing, and I had to read a storyline synopsys to understand exactly what was going on. Next up is FF9... slowly working my way up to the X an XII remasters :3

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