Saturday, September 13, 2014

Post Adelaide | South Australia Avaiation Museum | Semaphore Beach

Quite a hectic day today; visited Port Adelaide for a pancake lunch and a quick revisit. I don't remember much having changed, and for some reason I _really_ wanted to visit the Aviation Museum, so there I went.

It was a very enjoyable experience. Lots of information was posted about these planes - and more, like rockets! After that, I left to visit Semaphore Beach.

It was about an hour's walk from Port Adelaide before I arrived at the beach.

Semaphore Beach has a long stretch of shops and restaurants leading to the jetty, and there are public toilets available at well appointed spots. The jetty is the longest of the 3 beaches I've visited so far, and it is rather wide too! Alot of the people don't appear to be native from Australia though, something tells me some of them are from Burma.

I then took off along to beach to do some recording of the waves again! This time armed with my diy windscreen XD Will update here once I have more!

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