Sunday, September 07, 2014

Henley Beach/Nature Recording

Visited Henley Beach yesterday, it's a half-hour-ish ride on the H30 bus from Adelaide's CBD. It's a looong stretch of very nice clean, clear water that was not too busy when I visited. It's relatively quiet compared to Glenelg, which I'm guessing it's because a) public transport there is not so convenient and b) not many shops or things to do. There were only a few establishments just by the jetty, which I so conveniently did not process any photos of. The shot above is made from the jetty anyways.
I decided to wait for the sunset, but instead of hanging around the jetty - which I was rapidly getting bored of - I decided to head down southwards to see what's about (more beach, mainly).
A short walk later, I appeared to hit the sea outlet of the River Torens. Nice! That part of the beach was also very quiet, and I decided to pull out my Zoom H1 and ATR3350 to make some recordings of the surf.
The ATR3350, while quite good for recording my whistles and saxophone, is really not up to the task of recording a far more quieter surf. Even with the Zoom H1's preamps at 100, I had to boost it by crazy amounts in post to hear it. Plus the mic's mono, so there is no imaging.
I actually tried recording waves at Glenelg last weekend with only the Zoom H1. Didn't get much, as it was super windy, and I don't own any dead cats for wind shielding. Yesterday though, the winds were very mild, and I managed to snag a nice amount of surf sounds.
I'm definitely going to go back another day with proper wind protection to get a much longer track :)

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