Saturday, August 02, 2014


So, I had a chance to watch Hercules this week. Honestly, I did not want to watch it due to having read that "all you see in the trailer is shown in the first 5 minutes", but given the other choice was How To Train Your Dragon 2 (which I have already watched, and is awesome), decided to catch it in the end.

I steeled myself, preparing for something like Transformers, but thankfully it was not!

As per the reviews, the stuff shown in the trailer was all done and dusted in the first few minutes, and reveals that those were stories used to impress upon people the legend of Hercules. In this show, Hercules is as mortal as you and I, and the heroics are performed not by just one person, but a small troop of mercenaries. The troop goes on to get tricked into doing dirty work, but Hercules cleans up in the end.

I won't go beyond that, but I found the show exceedingly enjoyable to watch. This is not one of those "OH MY GOD MUST BUY DVD" kind of show, but it's the kind of show you come out of the cinema feeling really pumped up, and never did I have the urge to check the clock. My friend and I were discussing the show a good hour or so after.

This deviation from the Mary Sue kind of Hercules people seem to want to watch seems to be what makes people go all rah-rah. Sure, it breaks the mold, and I love it! He bleeds, he gets tricked, he falls and he rises. He's human, and I can emphasize with him. I also can't believe that's The Rock. It does't look like him, and he's impressively more bulked up than I remember.

Looking forward for Guardians and Turtles. Those two look to be enjoyable shows too!

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