Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Transformers 4: Damned enjoyable.

As with the last few transformers films, I went in with little expectations, just wanting to drool over the guaranteed-to-be-awesome vfx, but this was a surprisingly enjoyable film. This is the first Herr Bay Transformers film that I didn't pull out my phone to check how long before the movie ended.

-> Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I thought the pacing was great, and oh my melted cheese cakes, the annoying lead actor from the previous three films was gone. I really, really disliked that whiney character, and the new human representatives were pretty good.

Things I thought were interesting (or lame):
- Optimus Prime was first encountered as the old skool peterbilt design. I was like weeee so cool! He stays and fights in that form for a fair while too, which was great. I didn't groan when he switched over to the "new" design.
- Triple changer samurai robot is sooo cool! Not a fan of the car logo on his chest though.
- Not sure who the green autobot is, but robot with robotic cape and built-in parachutes is just so damned cool.
- Seems like they've reduced alot of the transformation sequences - many shots were like, jump cuts to finished/near finished.
- That reminds me, too much advertising in this film, I was particularly rolling my eyes on the beats speakers. That said:
- Rainbow Dash was in the movie! Squeee! XD
- Unknown robot mastermind has a really damned cool sniper rifle transformation sequence.
- Galvatron is a truck. Like, supposed to be the human controlled, upgraded better version of prime. Mucho differnt from his g1 space gun form, but it kind of makes sense, to be parallel to prime, and the explanation of galavatron/megetron kind of actually makes sense.
- "New" transformation sequence by galvatron and the upgraded robots remind me of the Vexille Jags. Even my friends not in the film industry thought that was very low budget lol.
- Hong Kong as a location is pretty cool, nice change of scenery.
- I'm not even sure if the dinosaur bots are dinobots. They like, suddenly got released by prime, prime did a dominance fight and they joined up. They did not speak at all! I was on my seat hoping to get one liners like this:
- Humans are overpowered in this show. Optimus barely holds his own against the bad guy bent on retrieving him, but the lead human character, damn, actually defends himself against the bad guy with a little gun sword! I would have expected the sword to just slice off his head or something. And he was doing some _serious_ damage to the bad guy with just the gunsword. Imagine if all 3 human characters were firing on the bad guy, he'd be taken out like _easy_.
- Optimus gets stabbed by his own sword, but is flying - excuse me, flying, minutes later, with seemingly no damage? And best of all, only minutes later, he attains escape velocity and flies off into space. Uh, so what, did he like forget he could fly?! Since when did could prime fly?! Was it after he because that "Knight" thing with the dinobots? Even so, why didn't he like, fly around earlier?! That was so, so lame.

Some of the destruction sequences were just so drool inducing. I want to work on destruction of that scale one day.

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