Monday, July 21, 2014

Logitech M310t review

So, this is a review about a mouse! XD

The previous mouse I was using, the Logitech M505 has been a bit unstable of late, the cursor gets very unresponsive, and I've definitely have freshly charged batteries. I still have my old microsoft mouse - which is the best - but sadly it appeared to have died from disuse :(

Went down to the nearest IT shop, and I was frankly quite amazed to see one of the 4 walls covered with mice. A quarter of it appeared to be Microsoft, another quarter Logitech, and the last half heavily contested by various gaming mice, together with the brandless mice.

I must say the gaming mice were really tempting, and the entry level contestants weren't that expensive, but they were all wired. There were some wireless options, so my first instinct was: OMG MUST BUY COOL WIRELESS GAMING MICE.  Sadly, the reality was: CANNOT JUSTIFY WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE PRICES.

The prices were almost double what the M310t was, with the priciest wireless gaming mouse almost 200. Uh, no.

So then, that's out of the question. Next, to check out what I like to call "consumer" grade stuff. Yeah yeah, hit me, I used to be a gaming mouse snob. Anyways...

Lots of the wireless mice from logitech and microsoft were what I think would be in the so-called "travel" or "laptop" kind. Which means it's just a tad shorter at the back, but it's just enough so that the rear of my palm is always hovering in the air. Like when I was using the M505.

The M310t stood out from the pack simply because a) It was a full size wireless mouse b) It only required 1 AA battery, and c) it was affordable (SGD36). Win!

The packaging was also simple enough that I didn't cringe, and it was actually very easy to open. Great design Logitech people!

The mouse itself is great. Even with the battery in, it weighs almost as light as my now-dead Microsoft Mouse (It's the cheapest of the intellimouse series, and personally, I thought it handled the best). Has a little slot in the battery housing to stow away the usb dongle if it's not in use.

Other than that... it operates like any other mouse. It doesn't make tea or coffee, and it sure does not try to impress you with Quad Core CPUs or AMOLED displays. Heck, I doubt it even has a hipster commercial.

It's perfect for use with Houdini or Unity, and I really enjoy using it. Definitely something to consider if you have full sized paws like me XD

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