Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sinsonido AS-101C travel guitar

Learning a musical instrument is tough, and with life as a vfx td, I may need to travel between contracts, which makes things annoying. Small supremely portable instruments like the flute, are not very neighbour-friendly as they cannot be muted; similarly for the saxophone.

Digital pianos are great in this respect as you can play 'em with headphones at 3 in the morning and no one would be the wiser. However, a digital piano is not very move friendly. I got a digital piano whilst I was in Montreal, as I was expecting to stay a few good years, but decided to move after a year's contract. Had to sell it for a fair loss of money, but that's the way things roll.

A few small, and quiet instruments were the target of my search. Violins and Violas are great choices as they are relatively small and very lightweight. In addition, with a metal mute, they are very quiet.

Electric guitars are another possibility, and I decided to go with learning a classical travel guitar - classical guitar seems to be quite interesting, lightweight and strings are easy (and affordable!) to get. One of the more affordable travel guitars - that looks pretty darn cool at the same time - is the Sinsonido AS-100 series. They've got classical and acoustic models, and I went with the classical as that's much more up my alley.

Being in Singapore, I checked the local distributors but they did not carry the Sinsonido. So, don't say I don't support local hor! Googling online, I came across Play Away Guitars in the UK. After a short email convo asking about my needs, I got the Sinsonido from them.

Shipping was remarkably fast; I made my purchase on Monday, and the guitar arrived in Singapore on Thursday. The guitar also came with some nice surprises; a new set of strings as well as a method book!

So that's about it. I've played a few notes on it - I'm not a guitar aficionado, having only "learnt" on my sibling's guitar for hours - and to my newb ears, it sounds great over headphones, but it is still quite audible.

Let's see where this new journey will take me. Here's some pictures of the guitar and the kit it came with.

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