Monday, June 09, 2014

Lenovo Flex 2 in "standing tablet" mode

So, I've been a week home, and I've not really been productive as I was when working! Like today, I spent most of the day taking apart the laptop, then... I'm not sure what. I am far more productive when working abroad for sure; I'd have a schedule to work on music or what not (well I did touch on the guitar for a quarter hour today....), but I'm like.... blargh, not getting my productivity engine engaged. And I have so. much. to. learn!

Anyways, so just before I left Montreal I was watching some online video tutorials, one of which is the series on Calculus on Open MIT. Thought that instead of watching videos on the teeny tablet, to watch it on the laptop in the standing mode, with it's 14 inches of IPS glory. Some things, didn't work as well.

First, when the Flex2 14 in the standing tablet mode, the physical keyboard (plus touchpad) is of course, tucked away from you. So, it's rather annoying when the virtual keyboard does not automatically pop up for desktop applications, which my web browser is. The only way I've found is to just manually swipe from the right to bring up the "charms" (why are they named that?!), then go to settings, and bring up the keyboard. It works, but that's so many steps!!!

In addition, I like to work with my task bar auto hidden - unless of course when I'm at work (boo hoo hoo I'm so unemployed) and have proper lcd screens, then I don't - and it is really finicky to actually bring up the task bar on the touch screen. One would think an upward swipe from the bottom of the screen would raise the task bar, but noooo. There are some instructions on how to do that online involving finger tips at the edge of the screen but I've never got it to work consistently.

So yeah. Windows 8.

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