Sunday, September 08, 2013

Finally went to 10.8.4

Having stayed with Snow Leopard for the last few years, it was time to make the move. Mainly as I wanted to check out Xcode. To be safe, I cloned my entire drive to an external backup, then ran the ML install.

I was very surprised with the results - I'd expected everything to be broken and slow, but no! Actually, after the first boot up, things were very slow - I'm guessing that's the various caches being rebuilt - but a reboot later, things actually felt snappier....

My main applications on OSX (Logic, Kontakt, VSL, Addictive Drums etc) ran perfectly out of the box. What's better, Logic somehow seems _smoother_ - not sure why, but I'm not complaining!

Not a fan of the "natural scroll", turned it off. It worked very well with the touchpad actually, but I don't need to be confused when switching between Mint and OSX.

Interface wise, we can now resize from the edges of the windows! Took the apple devs long enough! Maybe one day we can use the super key to resize/drag windows like on linux.

With the move being so smooth, I have thoughts about moving to a faster 7.2k drive, or even a SSD, but we'll see.

I did have one issue when attempting to purchase the ML upgrade, and a very big one indeed. Switching countries. As I bought my macbook in UK, my apple id was setup for UK. Switching the region to Canada went smoothly, but the previous purchase of Pixelmator, does not appear on the list of purchases. Which is disconcerting. Especially since stuff like Logic X is download only from the app store - imagine if I had to move to another country, and lost access to that application! Ouch!

Googling this issue brought up loads of hits, and seems like us expats are just at the wrong end of the stick. I also have had friends returning home telling me that their itunes purchase are no longer valid >.>

At this point in time, I can't see myself moving to Logic X as Logic 9 is already overkill for what I do. If I do want to move on from Logic 9 though, I would very likely choose another DAW, as I do not want to deal with having my purchases no longer be valid when I move countries.

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