Monday, July 08, 2013

Getting away from the screen

I headed of the house today as I promised myself to explore this new land I'm in. Should have gone out yesterday, as the weather was nicer (warm!) but I find it difficult to do so when I'm at the edge of completing a project (see previous post: Valse des Renards). Heck, even this morning I was just not wanting to go out of the house, trying to think up of some excuse that needed me to stay indoors.

Couldn't find any, so decided to just head out to where I planned to visit, Montreal's Biosphere.
I wasn't expecting much of it as I didn't google more than directions to get there, but I found lots of good info on how power is generated, effects of people on the planet, how a tiny changes of temperature of the oceans is actually not as tiny as it is etc.
There were some exhibits about recycling unwanted things into clothes, and another exhibit about how dams affect water downstream - with a real miniature water system with movable blocks et al to play with. I guess I was there at a good time and had the whole place to myself. As I was leaving, the entry area was jammed packed. The water room gave me several ideas

Out of the Biosphere, I fought against the instinctual urge to return home and just explore around Parc Jean Drapeau.
Lots of things were going on, food stalls were all over the place, as well as performing artists about. There was a section with acrobats, and another stage was filled with people playing music from Panama. Yet a bit further away, there was a whole tent filled with people playing ethnic drums (African, I'm guessing?). Even further along, there was a whole area (ticketed though) for EDM.
It's probably a night time thing, though there were a few people dancing to the music. I found at least two locations where DJs were pumping out tunes.

I must admit I had a great day out, and really, I should make the best of summer as I can (before winter!) but there are so many other things I wanna explore too.... >.>

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