Monday, July 22, 2013

3DS Region Lock >.>

Earlier when I arrived in Montreal, I got hit by the fact that a DVD I bought won't run on my UK laptops because of the dvd region lock.

Today: Finally bought a new charger for my 3DS as my 3DS was a UK model, so uses 240V, whilst the voltage here in Canada is 110V. That in the first place is already annoying, its the only thing I brought over from the UK that does not have a universal power supply.

Also Today: Bought Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. Was going to enjoy it before bedtime but nooooo, it does not show up with my 3DS and web searches indicate 3ds games are region locked >.>

So, really great for those of us that do travel between regions, my console can't play local stuff, so what, do I need to import from the UK?! And get hit by custom charges? Why, I really do not understand the point. I'm glad software I do buy does not have shit like this. I mean, can you imagine if you bought some sample libraries that are region locked to... thailand?! And then omg, my sampler is for.... korea! I can't use my samples >.>

Rant rant rant OMG.

I'm so glad I also bought a book. Thanks Nintendo, from the people who travel the world. I guess we are a tiny proportion that is just forgettable >.>

EDIT: Place I bought the title doesn't allow for returns of games.... wow wee, awesome. 

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