Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Move: Fail

So, yesterday I moved most of my belongings into my new place, and decided to call it a day as it was rather late and most of the places I wanted to buy stuff at were closed, so, Sunday then.

Sadly, alot more shops were not even open over the weekend, so decided to just make the best of the day and visit what shops that were open. I decided to head over to Canadian Tire to check out what kind of household stuff they had there, and stopped by the Jean Talon Market as well as Italmelodie, a music shop, on the way there.
Jean Talon seems like a great place... if I could cook :P
Definitely will pick up a cook book to explore shortly, but considering I don't even have a mattress or even a pillow in my new apartment.... :P
 The F1 races are on in Montreal this weekend, and most of St Laurent is just blocked off for partying and this stretch near Little Italy had a whole stretch of cars being displayed.
 Got a few beautiful mustangs out there, didn't shoot those though.
 Dynamic range of the phone cameras are sadly lacking...
Arrived at Canadian Tire but didn't see much I wanted, so headed off downtown to get some crockery for the kitchen. Probably need to head out and lunch time to buy a saucepan and kettle and I should be sorted for that aspect of the house.

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