Monday, June 17, 2013

The new pad

I've finally moved in to the new place, and unlike my previous place where it was semi furnished, this one is in the "unfurnished, but with appliances" category. So, apart from a mostly empty room (I got a table and sofa from the previous tenant), I have a stove, fridge and washing machine at my disposal. There is no dryer, so I still need to get a drying rack.

Also, there is no internet >.> It takes over two weeks for the provider I signed up with to get it setup, so I'm typing this over my phone's 3g connection.

One thing I'm really liking about Montreal is the water. It tastes rather good out of the tap, and there doesn't seem to be limescale at all in my toilet.

Power also seems to be an issue in this building. The lights flicker and dim when appliances start up, so I will also need to get a line conditioner for my electronics to deal with the brownouts.

Finally, I still need to get a bed, and found a nice single futon base on craigslist, but I seem to have difficult arranging a time with the current owner. Once that is in the flat, I can get a mattress of sorts, and I think I'm good to go.

Ok, so I still want a piano....

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