Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Been doodling in processing and reading up "Getting Started with Processing". I'm about a 3rd of the way through the book, and it is an easy read for those who know programming. It's Java. Half of me is going woo, great, haven't used java in years, will be fun. The other half is going.... java... again?! Why isn't this in C or C++ >.>


Started on a small project this time, and had some major tearing issues, supposedly caused by the lack of vsync. Evidently it has to do with the rendering modes. I'm guessing it's my driver on the linux box, but it does not like the OpenGL drivers, getting odd stalls and stuff. Switching over to P2D or P3D seems to run the examples very smoothly.Which is good, because I really don't want to boot up the music machine just for this.

Ergh, so ill.

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