Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sick and depressed, or is it depressed and sick?

Have you ever had one of those stretches where you know you are sick, but well enough to head to work? Well I'm having one of them and it is annoying my toenails off. Ok, maybe not my toenails but I am just. Not. Feeling. Good.

I feel tired and have low energy. Heck, it feels like after a swim session at the gym, whole body aching.

Argh, need some downtime this weekend.

It's also affecting my mood, I think I'm feeling alot of down 'cause of this. The best part is, I'm feeling worst *after* work. Like my fingers are somewhat numb as I type this. I'll bet it'll be as usual - I wake up bright and cheery (I love the early sunshine btw, it's like nice and bright 7-ish), feeling all good, then it all starts to go downhill late afternoon :( Tired tired tired. Ack.

Days like this I wish I can just take off and sleep.

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