Thursday, June 14, 2012


Friggin' awesome effects. Like really friggin awesome. There was nothing not perfect in the entire show. For some reason, this flick reminds me of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. TSW was groundbreaking on many levels, and Prometheus takes cg worlds even further.

It's like FF7, then comparing the original against the FF7's PS3 tech demo.

One thing I'm really glad about this show is that it is more sci-fi than horror. I didn't watch any of the trailers, only knew this was sort of a prequal to Alien or something. Truth be told, I was cowering behind my jacket for many of the scenes, but it was more the gore factor versus the pop-up horror I was expecting.


-- spoilers ahead --

Lots of odd things that I want answered though, like the geologist, why was he still alive and kicking butt? And why was there no super friggin' awesome cannon mounted on the prometheus? And why didn't tony stark come to save the day? Ok nevermind.

Congrats to all the artists that worked on it, this is just totally stunning.

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