Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Riots

At the time I'm writing this, my heart is still racing, and I'm just generally feeling uneasy all over. I'm perfectly fine, and safe at home, but I would like to put down what I experienced this night.

Life drawing class as usual, and the tension was in the air today. It felt... different from usual. No matter, just finish the class as usual and head home, no big deal.

That's when things changed.

Staring down the shuttered gates of Bethnal Green station, my heart skipped a beat. What happened? Why would a tube station be shut just minutes before 10pm?

Several other passerbys were similarly slightly distressed by the shut tube.

Thankfully, one of my class mates came by, and he was also nonplussed by the tube shutting down. He on the other hand, knew other means to get back - and guided me to the bus stops where we could both get our respective rides home.

On the bus towards Soho, it was clear many were delayed thanks to the shut tube station.

The journey to soho was uneventful, and I got off along New Oxford Street.

Heading north, I wanted to grab some groceries, only to find the Currys had a massive pole lodged in the glass, with large rocks arrayed around. Across the road, many places were shut, and the grocery store had shut, employees looking outwards with concerned gazes.

It was then I felt a great sense of unease and quickly trotted home. Along the way, usually open stores were shut, only adding to my distress.

I've got a pack of noodles for dinner, and I'm still feeling jittery. Can't focus, can't read. Hopefully I can sleep this off an be good for work tomorrow.

Stay safe, carpe diem.

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