Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[ Houdini Cookoff ] 08

Since I got home earlier than planned, I setup a good part of the system for simulations. I'm planning to use the rest of the week to tune the main water sim; if by Friday I cannot get a good result I'll have to stop and focus on getting the milk to work (lol). Initial tests seem to be ok, the sphere represents the area where the milk will be emitted from. However, compared to the reference I have it seems to have a much larger impact on the surface.

Tests with a localized drag force seemed to tame down the water surface, closer to the reference. Increasing the time scale seems to compensate for the "sticky", almost viscous feel caused by the drag, but only more testing will tell if this will bear fruit.

Going to stop early today before I burn out :P Time for some music theory before bed.

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