Monday, August 30, 2010

UK Wolf Trust

So today is a bank holiday in the UK, and also one of the open days of the UK Wolf Trust. Popped over there for the afternoon for a bit of photography and brought my full kit down.

There have been some changes though, while we were allowed into the holding pens as before, there is now an extra fence in place >.< Extra fence + bright overcast = bokeh of doom. To be fair, there are slots cut open for photographers to put their lenses through, but they are all at human height. The height which I cannot be bothered to shoot at for two reasons: a) you don't get as intimate a shot of a wolf from 1.8 meters, versus a shot at the same level as the wolf, and b) everyone is shooting through those holes...... I don't need similar pictures I can find off flickr or google images.

I decided to ditch photographing the wolves and practice my gesture studies instead. I did however still get some shots during my time there and here they are:

Karluk Huskies were there, and as ever, super popular with a long queue to get in and cuddle with the dogs. I had a fair amount of reference shots from the last time and tried to get furball/human interaction shots.

And finally, the only wolf keeper shot I'm _kinda_ happy with. Not hitting my print list, but defo my wallpaper list.

Went back to work after that since I wasn't much in the mood for photography. Took a few snaps on the way to work, since the switch to Bibble 5, I am still trying to understand how the software works, how to get the look I want etc.

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