Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanson SA-5 Saxophone: What's in the box :)

So I've been always wanting to get a feel of playing the saxophone for awhile. The last instruments I've played in recent years include the Piano (on a midi keyboard), Western Concert Flute and Native American Flutes.

After much deliberation, I decided to get a Hanson SA-5. They would have got a purchase much sooner from me had they described what exactly I'd be getting :P

This is the "metro" case option.

A touch I really like is the plastic buckles. Should the zip fail, those provide an added layer of insurance for the horn.
So you've got a compartment for the neck, the main body and a small section for misc odds and ends.

The odds and ends, include a letter with Hanson's name cards, warranty/service card, as well as a fingering chart. Lovely! The mouth piece included is a Vandoren Optimum AL-4 - which from the prices I see on the web, cost about a hundred quid. Again, judging from prices, this is not an entry level mouthpiece but at least a step up or mid range mouthpiece.

Inside the plastic box on the right, include necessary items like the neck strap, cork grease, 3 vandoren reeds of differing hardness (1.5 to 2.5), ligature, mouthpiece cap, patches, pad dryers, and a pull through cleaning cloth.

As of this post, I haven't even assembled the neck to the sax, much less blow on it (just had dinner - gonna shower then brush my teeth before I try it out).

Am looking forward to playing disney tunes on this baby :D



Ioan Dafinescu said...

How much did you pay for alto saxophone Hanson SA-5?
It's the eclipse version?
I whant to buy the silver one.

Ioan Dafinescu said...

How much did you pay for the alto saxophone Hanson SA-5?
Did you pay an extra price for the "metro" case, necesary items and Vandoren Optimum AL4?
It's the eclipse version?


Ioan Dafinescu said...

Are sure that's a SA-5?
I think that's a SA-8.

Gallen Wolf said...

Sorry for the late reply, I'm not sure why I didn't get any notifications :-/

Yup I'm pretty sure this is a SA5, I thought it was a SA8 at first, but after doing some picture comparisons it appeared to be an SA5 for sure.

To answer your other questions, at the time that I bought it I paid £499 for the case as well as the Optimum AL4. Last I checked out their website (like half a year or more ago...) they switched from the AL4 to another brand; you might want to drop them an email or call them about this.

Hope this helps!