Sunday, January 03, 2016

Important new year things.

So, after weeks of attempting to win FTL, I finally did it! Blew the bloody rebel super flagship to bits with my super team!!! I must say it is pure luck, most of it was down to taking down their shield generator and the Ion cannon disabling each incarnation's special weapon.

Previously, I'd never ever passed the 2nd incarnation of the flagship, which used drones as its main weapon of choice. I'd just get cut down incessantly. This time, for some reason I luckily managed to ion cannon the drone control and took it down!

The final stage against the super weapon, I honestly don't remember too much. I do remember killing off all the crew on the flagship, which promptly switched over to pure AI control. From what I read, this is BAD, as all systems on the flagship will automagically regenerate. Somehow or the other, I managed with the skin of our teeth to blow it up! Woooo!

The replayability factor of this roguelike is still very high - I have barely unlocked the various ship classes, and each ship has several variants that I've not bothered to try unlocking. Add in the numerous weapon systems which, again, I've not yet tried. This will be a game that I probably won't be playing on a day to day thing, but will be fun to bring up here and now.
In other news, I'm very pleased with the battery life of my sony z3. Its easily giving me 10hrs of screen on time, and this is over 5 days. Granted, I have no life and the main things I use my phone are for a) Kindle b) Alarms etc c) Weather/news. Which is a massive step up from the Galaxy S6, which I have to recharged by end of day 2. Even when I'm not bloody doing much with it.

In these few weeks, I must say that the power button is probably the first thing that is starting to annoy me, as it's rather small. The flap for the usb port/recharging is also one thing, but I've bought ha 3rd party magnetic recharging cable and it appears to work quite well - no need to pry open the slot unless I'm downloading photos.

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