Saturday, December 07, 2013


Tried a new burger place today. This was at The Sparrow. The decor stood out first, not sure of the worlds to describe it, but its rather hmmm "antique" looking. The tables we sat at had these tiny picture frames built into the top of the table. Damn, I really should have just taken a picture of this place.

On weekdays, they only seem to be open on Friday for lunch,  the menu of which consists of some semi-breakfasty food like eggs benedict, and burgers etc for lunch. I ordered the burger, rare, with a side of fries. Pretty good, and I'd probably rate this as my favourite burger thus far in Montreal. The serving size is good, not excessive, and the meat is very tender. Some pickles can be found in the dressing too. Fries came somewhat warm-ish but still tasted pretty good. Not sure what the cream coloured sauce was, but I was enjoying that!

The Sparrow appears to be a cash-only place, lucky as I don't usually bring cash out. Definitely a place to return, if only to try the eggs benedict!

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