Saturday, November 09, 2013


Finally found a ramen place I have positive thoughts about: Misoya Ramen. They don't seem to do reservations over the phone, but I arrived half an hour before my meetup with friends and the extremely friendly staff assured I would get a table for 4 by then.

I had... probably their signature dish I guess, can't remember the exact name. But look at picture above. Yum. First thing is the soup. Good. The miso egg kicks arse, and there's some potato wedges in there as well. Oh, the centre piece, the cha-shu, tastes pretty damned good as well.

We ordered some starters; gyoza (above) and deep fried battered chicken. Both were excellent, I have no idea how they managed to get such soft chicken!

Definitely a place to visit again.

In other news, IT IS FREEZING! Mainly as I swapped out my polar fleece sweater for a quick dry sweater. It's just not as warm as polar fleece. I guess I need to get another polar fleece mid layer; in london I got by with wool sweaters, but the polar fleece sweater definitely keeps me much warmer.

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