Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wark wark! Kupo! Distant Worlds 2012

Another year, another lovely evening at the Royal Albert Hall for Distant Worlds, the music of final fantasy. This year I arrived ahead of time hoping to get some pictures of the cosplayers, but only a few were abound, though there was this kid above in her chocobo getup :D Wark wark!

I think this is another great concert. Being the 25th year since the first Final Fantasy game, this year's song lineup featured songs from every single FF game, and there were quite a few I couldn't get into because I didn't play them. Maybe it's time to get a PS2 as they're cheap now... :3
It was a full house all right, all 5000+ seats fully packed. No surprise, since the tickets were bloody sold out within an hour or so. From overhearing the various conversations whilst in line, it seems like a fair amount of fans flew in specially for this concert. Gotta thank the nuclear reactors above lifestream that I happened to work in this city.

Swag this year was thin, got the DVD which I've been meaning to get, as well as this year's T-shirt. For those up in scotland, bring £30 if you want to get the T-Shirt :( Various CDs available but I'm pretty sure I'd already bought all of 'em. Those after plushies, get there early, I saw cactrot and moogle plushies, they went *very* fast.


Blackmageheart said...

It was a great night!
And I saw that kid! She was awesome and so was the lady as Genesis with her. There were some very good cosplays.
You didn't happen to see a lady dressed as a Black Mage, did you? :D

Gallen Wolf said...

Ah no, sadly I missed them :(

Blackmageheart said...

Aww, well that was me, for anyone who saw! :D

Gallen Wolf said...

Ah drat, wish I coulda seen you in your black mage cosplay :(