Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Midi Controller: Phase 2

I'm feeling like a wet paper bag right now, I really want to do some more stuff but my nose is totally clogged up, and my mind is all woozy. Thank you very much, common cold.

In anycase, I can't seem to sleep so thought I'd quickly do two things with my put-aside midi controller. Setup the Step Up converter so that it outputs about 10V DC (from the arduino's 5V), and do a test hook up of the breath sensor to the tubing. All done in a few minutes >.>

Next up will be to solder the bloody smt device to a breadboard or something. Maybe for this trial I'll just use jumper wires, yeah, that should work.

I'll also be working blind as the full scale voltage out of the breath sensor is about 25mV.... peak. My multimeter has a 200mV setting, hopefully it will actually register _something_ when I blow on the breath controller. I've looked at the more affordable oscilloscopes, but the cheapest that has a suitable mV/div appears to be about £300 quid. Uh no.

So, the current plan is to wire up the differential amplifier, blind, and hope that it works :-/

Looks like I'm going to hobble back to my bed and attempt to sleep again. Oh, and more meds.


Patrick Woo said...

Woohoo You are really doing it, aren't you???

Gallen Wolf said...

Oh yeah :)