Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Grados dying... again >.>

I own a pair of Grados SR80 headphones, since about about 2004,2005 thereabouts, and oh my god open cans are definitely my personal favourite.

A year or so ago though, the cabling on those SR80s died, and I had them replaced. Once again, they have failed >.>

The casing of the cabling probably doesn't deal to well with the UK's dry weather - the SR80s have travelled with me to the US and Oz with the bulk of its time in Singapore, only to fail here in the UK. Twice. Bleh.

Question is, do I want to get them re-cabled, or do I sell them off and get another pair of AKG 240 MKIIs?

Pro for AKG240 MKII: I will use them both at work and at home, and I can get "used" to the sonic signature of the AKGs. I am also somewhat weary of how over-detailed and fatiguing the SR80s are.

Pro for re-cabling SR80: Cheaper, and the SR80s are highly portable, unlike the AKGs that I will definitely have to leave in the office. SR80s also don't need an amp.

In either case, the SR80s are kind of working, so I'll decide when they give up the ghost.

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