Sunday, November 06, 2011

Distant Worlds: Music of Final Fantasy

This evening, I was at the Royal Albert Hall attending a concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring music from Final Fantasy. This concert is titled: Distant Worlds.
An enjoyable evening is an understatement. Listening to a live orchestra playing the video game music I grew up with beings back fond memories and times I wish I could return to.
There were many highlights of the day, for example the Opera House song in Final Fantasy 3 (USA) was done with 3 opera singers, each playing the roles of Maria, Draco and Ralse.

For the encore, they did the full set of One Winged Angel, with Nobou Uematsu himself singing part of the chorus (the "sephiroth") part. I think the crowd was going wild here.
Another momentous favorite of mine, "Eyes On Me", was performed with a vocalist, Susan Calloway. Another uber awesome song was Kefka's theme song, Dancing Mad. And it was performed with a proper pipe organ, that is seemingly built into the concert hall!

It is amazing, and this time next year I hope to attend it again, but this time with a proper seating. I only heard about this about a month ago, and by luck the "chior" seats were available about then. If not, the tickets are sold about a year in advance, and are basically sold out on the spot.

This only gives me further inspiration to push my musical adventures. Onwards!!!

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