Sunday, September 11, 2011

All in the mind?

Decided to spend _some_ of the day not cooped up at home, and to spare the neighbours my un-wholesome sound frequencies, decide to practice at (or under) Primrose Hill Bridge. It's about an hour's walk from where I live, beautiful weather today, sun, with a good breeze, and not humid. Had good fun for two hours, but next time I go, I'll be sure to bring some clips, the wind is strong under the bridge, and had my scores flapping away twice!

Still on the V5 A27, still loving the piece. That said, there is an issue of notes just jumping to the next register for no apparent reason? I did a quick shootout at home with the Optumum AL4 and V16 A6S, and indeed, both of these pieces did not exhibit this tendency. So whats up with that? Going to get my A27 down to a mouthpiece refacer to let them work their artistry on it next week - got class this saturday and I don't want to be without my A27 :)

That said, testing the other two pieces once again brought the sound qualities to the fore. I found it odd that the A27 has become the brightest piece, at least to my ear! And not in a bad way. The AL4 actually sounds bigger, fuller, but it still had that faraway kind of tone. The V16 on the other hand... felt too dark! Still very nice to play at the low register, but I was like.... er... meh.

Will be selling the V16 soon :)

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