Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eagle Heights: Husky Mania!

Went down to Eagle Heights to check out their Husky Mania! open day. This is to help get funding for more kennels for their rescued huskies. Oddly enough, you won't see too many Husky photos - I actually got a few cracking shots of the other critters. I also didn't bring my usual gear out, just the 16-85, 70-300VR, D300 + flash (not even the extender!).

My primary focus was photo ref and sketching - my heart seriously dropped when I heard they were going to run the Cheetah today!

Would have loved to have the 300/4 + TC14EII. The above is already a crop from full 300mm; ideally, I would like a 600mm on my D300. At a minimum. On a gimbal :D

The usual awesome bird shows had new birds introduced due to retirement of older birds, and they still haven't got to grips with each other yet ;-)

Indoor flash techniques from Neil Van DeKirk, as usual ;-)

And I end the day with huskies :D


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