Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zootopia thoughts

I think I was a bit _too_ hyped up for Zootopia, I actually left the movie theatre feeling that it was a great movie, but I was something missing.

Now don't get me wrong, the visuals, the level of detail, the intricacies are just simply jaw dropping. Also, while I generally don't really care what projects I work on, I'd really love to work on the next Zootopia. It's just that good. Not very likely, since that's probably done in the Disney production studios down in Burbank, CA.

One major thing that I felt let down with was the anti-racism angle I keep reading about online. Deep inside, I was hoping that Zootopia would mirror the Japanese shows I enjoy watching - not only lots of action and fun vfx, but always with a strong moral undertone.

In this case, what undertones there were are too subtle, and the predator-prey thing just doesn't work for me.

It's been several days since I watched it, and Zootopia's "Try Eveything" theme song randomly popped up in my youtube feed this evening. I'm one of those people that have a tough time picking up lyrics, most of what I could hear was... .... .. ... Everything. ....... ..... ... Everything.

The bloody song was really very catchy and I though I'd bring up the lyrics to see what was being sung. I think it then hit me what I really felt strong about Zootopia. Not giving up. To rise to the challenge, to keep whacking on the block until it gives.

I'm a bit misty eye'd writing this as I'm reminded of the trials Judy went through.The sheer willpower and attitude exhibited by this lagomorph reminds me that I need to try harder in everything I do. She's even the will power to say no, I'm not suitable for the job. And leaves. How many of us can be that brave in real life?!

Granted she is not "real" in the physical sense (zootopia's real to meeeeee!!!!) and she always has a family to return to after she quit. But in her heart, she's never given up. And that's what I feel the strongest about Zootopia.

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