Monday, February 29, 2016

I got a new tablet...

I can't believe it. But I bought myself... a Samsung tablet. I think many of my colleagues were like... what the hell? Didn't you hate Samsung?

Oh yes, I did. But hear me out. So basically, I was lusting for a tablet as the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 I got is really getting on my nerves for being so damned slow with the 4.4 update. So, I started looking at a tablet to replace it.

Samsungs, were naturally NOT even considered. I was looking at Lenovo's Yoga Tab (I could feel the lag, so no). Lenovo Tab 2 (not bad) as well as others from Asus. But these were really the entry level tablets, and I wanted something to play games with.

Some how or other, I thought I'd give the Samsungs a quick look, and realize that the tablets didn't have that much of Touchwiz. From what I see, it's mainly in the systems menu, and the ability to run split screen apps. If not, it felt very similar to my Nexus 4.

I was not convinced, simply because, yanno. It's a Samsung.

The very next day, there was a special offer of 30 bucks. Win much? I was like... nahhhhhh.... then all the black tablets were sold out and I was >.>

As luck would have it, Staples had one of the black ones in stock (woo!) and I got it. I'm pretty sure the tablet I got (Galaxy Tab A, 8in) was going to be replace by an upgraded version, as they even threw in the samsung casing at no extra charge! Win!

Now the tablet is all swell and good (it's more of an impulse purchase, really), but I really like it, and it's because the extra screen estate gives a better layout of the play store somehow improves the user experience - on my Z3 I always felt the play store was rather crap, compared to the ios store.

Gaming on it is also pretty good, been playing Monument Valley, The Room, Colin McRae Rally and others. It's all pretty good! It's definitely not as fast as the Z3, Colin McRae rally runs way smoother on the Z3, but it's adequate. Maybe if I really fall in love with the 8in 4:3 android form factor, I'll sell this baby and get the Tab S2. *That* tablet, while rather expensive, has a damned good screen, and the processor is pretty damned fast.

I'll think about it.

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